Ontario Ironworkers Pension & Benefit Plan

Benefit Forms

Joining and naming a beneficiary

Making a claim

Pensioner pay-direct benefit options

  • Benefit Option form (Age 55 to 60) - [en] [fr]
  • Benefit Option form (Age 60 and over) - [en] [fr]
  • Benefit Option form (85-point) - [en] [fr]

Qualified survivor pay-direct benefit options

  • Benefit option form (Full coverage) - [en] [fr]
  • Benefit option form (Partial coverage) - [en] [fr]

Miscellaneous forms

Pension Forms

Naming a beneficiary

  • Appointment of Beneficiary form - [en] [fr]
  • Waiver of Pre-retirement Death Benefit - [en] [fr]

Applying for your pension

Applying for termination benefits

  • Termination Option form (Locked-in) - [en] [fr]
  • Termination Option form (Locked-in with cash option) - [en] [fr]
  • Locked-in Transfer Agreement - [en] [fr]

Applying for death benefits

Tax forms